Special Zoom Webinar with Chuck Williams TONIGHT

Sunday, October 24, 2021 at 10pm Eastern (9pm Central)

The Zoom Meeting is over .. but the info below is important

Get really active in the Tapestri Affiliate FB GROUP. https://www.facebook.com/groups/tapestriaffiliates (answer ALL THREE questions REQUIRED to get approval into the group)

In Addition, for TheWinnersTeam.live affiliates only, we’ve ADDED a financial income calculator for your use only! Woohoo!! Please do not do screen shots or video recordings of this, as it can be an income claim which is illegal. But you can use it in one-on-one demonstrations. Very very exciting.

Let your team know that TheWinnersTeam.NET websites will be going away effective Friday, Oct 29th. It’s too expensive and too much work to maintain 2 systems. Plus the new sites and system on TheWinnersTeam.LIVE are greatly UPgraded and with lots more support and resources.

If you (or a paid affiliate on your team does not yet have our new TheWinnersTeam.live website and support system, give them your join link, or they can use mine, which is:


Any questions, contact Michael