It is very valuable for your prospects to SEE, HEAR and/or READ your “About Me” or you might call it your “Bio” or “Mini Biography”. This can be one page and you don’t want to get too wordy (something I often struggle with).

The following are just some bullet points for your “About Me” page, please be BRIEF on each point. If written in bullet points it’s easier to read than in paragraphs.

• Your picture or video along with your name and contact info at the top of the page

• Who am I – father, grandfather, entrepreneur, global traveler, etc.

• Hobbies – sports, cross-stitch, writing, bicycling, jogging, etc.

• Work History – jobs you’ve had in the past

• Home Business Experience – you only want this section IF you’ve had a full-time income from a home business. If not, leave this section out.

• Tools you recommend – offering value to the prospect up front is a good way to start building a good relationship.

• Why did you join InCruises – if you are going to share this ‘About Me’ with a prospect before they fill in a lead capture page, do not mention ‘InCruises’ by name, just say “Vacation Membership Club” .. but if you’re sharing your “About Me” with them AFTER they visit your lead capture page, then surely mention “InCruises” by name.

• What you like best about InCruises – same tip as the previous point

• VIP Club – advantages of being on our team. You can use the info on this page I made or just link to it: www.savemoney911.com/why

• Call to Action – invite them to review your website. Offer to answer any question or concern they have SO THAT they can make an informed decision.

• Close with your name, email, website and phone number

Resources you can use to create your “About Me” page, Word Doc or PDF – at NO cost to you:








Write a Word Document


After you create yours, email it to your sponsor or upline for input or suggestions.

You do not have to use ALL the points above, just the ones you wish to include.

Also, do not mention negatives like Divorce(s), Bankruptcy, Jail or things or people you hate, etc.

Also, do avoid telling OTHER people’s stories in your “About Me” – remember this is a page or document explaining who YOU are, not someone else – even if it’s funny or interesting.