Your Cell Phone Data is Worth Much More than Most People Realize.

Our FREE APP has already been approved by Google for the Android Play Store. However, we are waiting for final approval from Apple for the iPhone App Store. Fill in the form below and I will notify you the moment our Free APP is live and ready for you to Install and Earn!

Our Company wants to launch our APP to both platforms (Apple and Android) at the same time. We anticipate this to be in July 2021.


(1) You will be paid $5 – $25 every month, just for having our Free App on your phone, running in the background, even if you don’t use it or open it. IF you use it, you can increase how much you’re paid.

(2) You will also be paid $1 every month for every cell phone that uses your referral link to install on their phone, with no limit to the number of cell phones you can refer it to (as long as they are age 16 or older).

A Wealthy Mentor told me, “A Simple Way to become Wealthy, is to get in the way of the Movement of Money, especially a lot of money.” – Well, a lot of money is being made off of your cell phone data, it’s time you started getting paid for it.

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