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By: Michael Lancto

Hello! My name is Michael Lancto

I am the Founder of VIP Cruising Club and I am a Network Marketing Professional working from home full-time since Feb 2, 1999 (that's over 21 years now) without the need of a job. I'm an ordained minister of 35 years and committed to honesty and integrity.

My passion is to help others any way that I can. Many want to earn more, become debt free, and become financially independent and secure so they do not have to depend on a job or controlled by a boss.

I work full-time for my business partners. It's what I LOVE to do. So if you're looking for A Better Life, I hope you'll allow me to help you to achieve it! For more info about me, go to:

I have coached scores of people already who have earned more working from home than they have earned on any job in their life. Enjoy the 1 minute video below. You might picture yourself doing the same one day soon because you worked with us.

If you have questions, I will get you honest answers. If I do not have the answers, my business partners can assist me. If we need more assistance, we can work with our corporate support staff for you. If we still need assistance, I personally know the owner and I can call him. You have my commitment to work my hardest to be the best support person you've ever had.

Call me or Text me: 904-335-8886 

Or Email me 24 hours a day: click here

If you leave me a voicemail, text message or email and I do not reply within 24 hours, contact me again. I may be on a cruise, out of town, or your message fell into spam.

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