How has Covid-19 (aka: C19) affected business in the USA and Globally? According to “Nearly 100,000 businesses in the USA are now out of business due to Covid-19.”

Tens of thousands of businesses in the USA and globally that have not gone out of business, have lost business due to fewer customers and fewer sales. Many, if not most, of these companies have either cut employees hours or had to tell many of their employees that cannot continue to employ them.

That’s the hard truth. That’s the bad news.

Is there GOOD news? Yes.

Our company has always been a ‘Work from Home or Anywhere’ business. Primarily the people who work with us, already work from home over the internet. So this Covid-19 situation has not affected our business like it has affected others.

To be more specific, our company has experienced a 20% GROWTH in revenue in 2020 compared to 2019. Now that is GOOD news.

In our company, we have not lost 1 employee in 2020. We have had to HIRE new employees in 2020 due the increase in business.

Our company increased the health insurance coverage of all our employees in 2020.

In the early Spring of 2020, as Covid-19 began affected businesses, banking and credit card processors began contacting all companies to see the evidence of financial strength or struggle in order to assess if doing further business with companies would be a risk too great to take.

Our company provided evidence of financial strength to the level that we did not lose any banking or credit card processing.

By October 2020, eight months into the Covid-19 situation, our company contracted with a multi-billion dollar global bank and paid for insurance for all the monthly customer fees paid through their credit card processing.

What does this insurance mean? It means that should any of our providers or our company go out of business, all those monthly customer fees processed through them will be 100% refunded to each of our participants. Do you know of any other company doing that? I don’t know of any either.

How much does our company charge you or me for that insurance? Nothing. Zero. Nada. Our company pays the cost for that.

We have a unique business model that at a minimum doubles your money every month you’re active with us.

In our first 4 years we had 240 people earn over $100,000 /year residually and 12 people reach our $1 million per year residual level. We also have 2 people who have exceeded $2 million per year. Remember, this is all in our first 4 years. We are now FIVE years old.

Only ONE of the 12 people at our $1 million per year level had a profitable home business before joining our company. These are average people. One was a man who was a chicken farmer in Asia. Another is a lady who was an unemployed actress singing at weddings to pay her bills. Now they earn multiple times their highest job incomes.

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