Here are some updates about the health and safety of the Cruise Lines & Cruise Ships. Sanitized, Hepa Filters, Robots, No Self Serve food or drinks, lower passenger capacity, 100% testing, temperature checks, increased medical staff, Safer than your Local Walmart, Target or Restaurant, 100s of Thousands of people have already safely sailed on cruise ships post Covid. Less than 0.003 of people sailing on Cruise Ships post Covid have tested positive for Covid, and only a fraction of them have been hospitalized or worse.

Bookings for 2021 and 2022 are UP. InCruises has increased in Partners and Members by in 2020 and 2021. InCruises has not lost 1 employee but has hired new employees. InCruises has paid for and upgraded the health insurance of all our employees. InCruises pays for our Trust My Travel insurance on our membership fees, and TMT has increased our coverage twice in 2020 (April and in October) due the financial strength of InCruises.

InCruises is 6 years old and we welcome you to join with us. Get back to the person who directed you here.