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1. Are the Cruise Lines currently on “Pause”?

The CDC in the USA has ENDED their “No Sail” order on Cruise Ships out of North America! All Cruise Lines are starting to bring back crew members and giving them contracts. Most Cruise Lines in the USA are planning to begin Cruise Vacations now in December 2020. Other countries in Europe and the Southern Pacific started Cruise Vacations in the Summer of 2020 without incident.

2. Are InCruise Partners Travel Agents?

InCruises’ partners are NOT travel agents. We do not get paid based on anyone booking a cruise. We are a Membership Club, and we are paid based on paid memberships each month.

3. How long does that average InCruises Member wait before booking a cruise?

The average is 9 months. However, many people wait 1 to 2 years (some even longer) before booking a cruise, because they are building their account to take a longer or nicer cruise and wish to take advantage of the 2 for 1 Cruise Dollars by InCruises.

A few people elect to only build their income with InCruises and let their Cruise Dollars build. Why? Because they put it in their Will and pass it on to a specific next of kin as a part of their estate.

4. What percentage of people who have died from Covid-19 have died as a result of contracting it on a Cruise Ship?

According to John Hopkins University and Medicine, there are over 10.8 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 520,000 global deaths.

According to Wikipedia, there have been 77 global deaths related to cruise ships.

Therefore 77 divided by 10.8 million means that 0.0007% of the people who have been confirmed with Covid-19 and have died are related to acquiring it on a cruise ship.

Given than 99.9993% of people recover or have no symptoms at all, should be encouraging news.

5. What percentage of people recover who have Covid-19?

According to the reputable website “the overall Covid-19 recovery rate is between 97% and 99.75%

6. What percentage of people die from Covid-19 compared to Ebola?

According to the New England Journal of Medicine the fatality rate of Ebola is 70%, but the fatality rate of Covid-19 is between 0.25% – 3%

7. Since the fatality rate of Covid-19 is so low, compared to other viruses why all the hysteria in the media, politics and governments?

Because the USA is the most powerful economy in the world, and because 2020 is an election year, all political sides and countries are using Covid-19 as an exaggerated excuse for political purposes.

Yes, some do get sick from Covid-19, and yes some die. However, many more people die from the flu, and there is no hysteria over the flu.

Also, further proof is that hospitals, doctors and Medical Examiners are being pressured into declaring deaths by Covid-19 just because the deceased tested positive in an autopsy, even if they did NOT have any symptoms and even if they actually died of other causes (like cancer, auto accident, etc.) or because of a financial incentive. Sad.

8. What measures have the Cruise Lines taken, during this time of ‘Pause’ to create a healthier and safer vacation for cruise passengers?

(a) Health Screening and temperature checks for all passengers boarding and re-entering after disembarking at a port of call.

(b) Health Screening and temperature checks multiple times per day for all crew members.

(c) Buffets and other food services are no longer self-serve, they will be served by a crew member.

(d) Air filtration systems have been replaced or upgraded to use the highest quality of Hepa-Filters, filtering out 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19.

(e) Additional hand sanitizer stations and hand washing stations.

(f) New Sanitation Robots have been purchased and will be used (in addition to the crew) 24/7 for more cleaning and sanitizing.

(g) Reduced number of passengers to increase ‘social distancing’.

(h) Additional medical supplies, personnel and safe rooms to isolate and assist anyone that becomes sick.


The Cruise Industry is doing more for health and safety of their customers than Airlines and Hotels combined.

9. Will it be Safe to go on a Cruise Vacation when the Cruise Lines start sailing again?

With 100% honesty, we believe it will be the safest and healthiest vacation experience available. Many on our team and with InCruises have already booked cruises for 2021.

We would not put our own loved ones at risk, if we believed there was a high risk of serious illness or death.

If you are concerned, join InCruises now and start doubling your money in Cruise Dollars until enough cruises sail and return without scores of serious illness or death.

Warren Buffet is famous for saying, “If you want to be rich, be fearful when other are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.”