Go Pro - By: Eric Worre

7 Steps to Become a Network Marketing Professional

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Introduction - CLICK HERE - (6 min)

Chapter 1 - CLICK HERE - (21 min)

"Network Marketing Isn’t Perfect…It’s Just BETTER."

Chapter 2 - CLICK HERE - (6 min)

"If You’re Going to be Involved in Network Marketing, Decide to be a Professional. Decide to Go Pro."

Chapter 3 - CLICK HERE - (3 min)

"Like Any Profession, You’ll Need to Learn Some Skills"

Chapter 4 - CLICK HERE - (8 min)

"Skill #1 — Finding Prospects"

Chapter 5 - CLICK HERE - (30 min)

"Skill #2 — Inviting Prospects to Understand Your Product or Opportunity"

Chapter 6 - CLICK HERE - (22 min)

"Skill #3 — Presenting Your Product or Opportunity to Your Prospects"

Chapter 7 - CLICK HERE - (18 min)

"Skill #4 — Following Up With Your Prospects"

Chapter 8 - CLICK HERE - (8 min)

"Skill #5 — Helping Your Prospects Become Members or Partners"

Chapter 9 - CLICK HERE - (9 min)

"Skill #6 — Helping Your New Partners Get Started Right"

Chapter 10 - CLICK HERE - (10 min)

"Skill #7 - Promoting Events"

Chapter 11 - CLICK HERE - (15 min)


Chapter 12 - CLICK HERE - (12 min)


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NOTE 3: This webpage is intended for partners not for prospects. I suggest you not share this page with prospects. However, I highly suggest you copy/paste your prospects this stand alone chapter (below), in your follow up as it is extremely convincing that we have A BETTER WAY !!


NOTE 4: Then AFTER your prospect signs up, pays their $295 and completes their 14 days of training and practice, then you send them this page for further training. (smile)