Yes - there are people earning $1,800 annually with these apps AND MORE. It will not happen on its own but if you USE the apps AND refer others you can pocket some serious money. Maybe just let it save up for end of year shopping for gifts.

As of the making of this video (Dec 30, 2021) you will get paid $10 AND your referral will also get $10 when your referral installs Ibotta and uses it the first time. The exact amount changes from time to time.

When you refer someone to Fetch, they will get $2 the first time they use it and you will get paid $4. The exact amount may change from time to time.

I have removed the 'Referral Codes' in the video above, because you should get the referral links (and code) from your NXR Sponsor.

Of course, when a prospects JOINS with you in NXR Global share ALL the apps with them. Shopping Boss and Nutronix super-discounted Affiliate prices are ONLY available to NXR Global Affiliates.

But, if a prospect tells you "no thanks" you can give them your referral links to Fetch and Ibotta along with Dosh, GetUpside, Rakuten and our new Online Backup offer. Why? Because they benefit and you get paid when they do.

So, if your sponsor has not sent you their Fetch and Ibotta referral links yet, then call them or text them today so you can add these to your $$ toolbox!