Michael Lancto



The day I spent 14 hours just making team webpages, I had to say I could not keep up manually making webpages. So, I made a generic site for all new affiliates to use, until I could find a suitable replicated system to use.

In order to have a replicated system without a required monthly fee is both expensive and hard to find. However I have found a good solution.

Keep in mind that this has to be able to run on it’s own, because right now we have 100+ per day joining our team and it is growing.

I do not have the email addresses for 75% plus of the people on our team. So your help is needed more than normal.

If you would be willing to make a one-time donation now, I believe we can raise over half the money needed, and I would donate the rest. If you will help with an amount you feel comfortable – whether it’s $10 or $25 and some might be able to donate $50 or $75 or possibly more. Just use this paypal link. In the comments please include your name, your state, and your “username“.

Go to: https://paypal.me/savemoney911 – and click “send

Or you can use Zelle from your bank account. Just email me for the digits to send to.

Or you can call me & I can take a credit card or debit card over the phone.

• All who support will be recognized on Our Team Training Site and/or Blog as a “Founding Member of The Winners Team”. Unless you specifically tell me you want to be “anonymous.”

AFTER our website is created, here is how it will work.

(1) Each paid affiliate will pay a one-time $15 for the website. This is NOT per month or per year, it is one-time. This will pay for their webpage AND it will include 100+ leads. (are you smiling?)

(2) Each of you will have the ability to waive the $15 one-time setup fee for those rare cases that a paid affiliate will not pay for whatever reason. (are you smiling now?) But trust me on this, you’ll want them to pay the $15 one-time setup and 99% will – because that $15 is paid to YOU.

(3) Then, I will have an OPTIONAL “Five Star Support” plan.

First, for the affiliates willing to be in the “Five Star Support” the cost (remember this is optional, did I say that?) is $5 per month, or $50 per year (that’s getting 12 months for the price of 10).

What are the “Five Star Support” benefits?

• This will help pay for additional modules, maintenance, upgrades, etc. to our replicated websites.

• Upgrades like: Lead Capture Page, auto-responder, picture, SMS and more.

• Recognized as a Five Star Supporter on our Training Site or Blog site, unless you specifically say you want to be “anonymous”.

Cash prizes for random people who attend our TWT Monday Webinar LIVE (this will be lots of fun) and attendees will be told that the prize was made possible by our Five Star Supporters!


Once we have the NEW webpages online for our team, you will want the NEW webpage (because the savemoney911.com pages will not be updated when the app launches). Once your new page is made you can contact me with your username, and I will create a redirect of your savemoney911.com/username page to your new page. The savemoney911.com redirect links will be active for 3-6 months, so you’ll want to use the NEW website.

Founding Members and Five Star Supporters get their redirects first. I create the redirect URLs manually, so please be patient.

I highly recommend you have your own domain name to make your advertising much easier for you and for your prospects. I recommend www.NameCheap.com – lowest cost, unlimited webpage redirects, lifetime domain privacy included and more.

One of the top 3 reasons marketers are not successful, is they do not plug in to the training provided. Cash prizes will incentivize more people to attend.

I will contact you later for how to be a “Five Star Supporter.”

If you are not sure how a self-replicated website is beneficial to both YOU and to ME .. then click here.

Any questions, call me.

Michael Lancto