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Hello Linda,

Nice to hear from you. I remember Chuck and Tana very well. Sad that Chuck is no longer with us. I made so many good friends back in the days with AP. Sadly, we were all deceived by the Blooms. I was the #3 lifetime income earner with AP when I left them in 2011.

I have marketed many different products over the years, too many to list here. People who meet me often guess me to be 10-15 years younger than I am. I guess that comes from clean living, and always working indoors. Nevertheless, I am not a candidate to be a customer of your products.

As for marketing a product I am not using, that is not something I can do. In addition, by your description the company you described

is a startup. The overwhelming majority of startup companies never see their 5th anniversary. So, I would view it as a very risky business venture.

In addition, there are so many competing skin care companies

like: Clinique, Dove, Estee Lauder, Olay, Lancome, Ponds, Avon, Mary Kaye, Jeunesse, L’oreal, Neutrogena, Cetaphil and more. These are huge and wealthy companies.

Then there is the Genucel products promising the same results as your Elixir, but Genucel is promoted heavily by Sean Hannity and others.

Then there is another similar product: Infinite Restore – promoted by Dr. Oz and supermodel Christie Brinkley.

I’m happy for your friend receiving a $3,500 bonus. Always nice to hear success stories in NWM.

As I looked closer into your website, I noticed the company is Isagenix. I was a rep for Isagenix years ago. I was a Crystal Executive. But the attrition rate (stop order or cancel rate) was extremely high.

Also my Isagenix upline Kimber King illegally poached (stole) my best rep Kelly Myers by telling her to signup into her weaker leg (in her business name) and to cancel her position under me (which was in her personal name) in order for Kimber to help her. I reported this to Isagenix and although it was clearly provable and against the Isagenix policy, Isagenix ignored my complaint. I could not work with a company that was so corrupt so I resigned Isagenix.

Also, Isagenix weight loss program worked only a little for me, and it was a struggle. Not only was I starving but the Cleanse drink was some of the most awful tasting product I've ever consumed.

The Isagenix Shakes contain whey and non-fat dry milk, and I had numerous people tell me they cannot take a product with whey or with non-fat dry milk.

The Isagenix Shakes are also expensive at $42 – $56 per 14 shakes. That is $3 – $4 per shake.

The most popular and healthy protein shake on Amazon and with free shipping is: https://amzn.to/2QRfHhb – at only $1.30 per shake which is less than HALF the price of Isagenix.

Or if you buy 6 canisters at a time with 30 shakes per canister, this healthy and delicious shake calculates to only 94 cents per shake: https://bit.ly/3rC68PG – and with free shipping also. I've enjoyed this shake for a couple years.

But recently, I changed to a Keto diet for free. Everything I learned was on youtube for free. I just learned what not to eat, what to eat and when to eat it. I lost 30 lbs in 3 months without starving. My A1C dropped from 7.6 (very dangerous) to 5.4 (very normal). My cholesterol, glucose, and my triglycerides all went into the normal ranges too.

My recommendation to my friends who have an interest in a

product-based home business is this – if you’re convinced that the product has true value that you cannot find anywhere else, and you’re ok with the retail price – be a customer. But the attrition rate in product industry is too high for me to consider it. No offense, but you asked for my opinion.

As you know, I've been a 6 figure earner many years. I know many 6 and 7 figure earners. Most of us will not join a binary compensation plan ever again. If you want to know the reasons why, let me know.

For me, I have found my home. There are 3 home-businesses that are membership based: Ameriplan (Dental), Legal Shield (Lawyers) and us – a Vacation Membership Club (Travel).

I earned millions of dollars in personal income with Ameriplan. I go to the dentist twice a year minimum ever year. I hate it, but I go. But the time for marketing dental plans is long gone. Dentalplans.com alone

has over 2 dozen competing plans with equal or better savings at a much cheaper price and better customer service.

As for Legal Shield (aka: Pre-Paid Legal), I hate lawyers and I hope and pray I never have to use another one. I would hate to market

something so despised.

But marketing vacations. Oh my, everyone loves a vacation. Add to that, our vacations include unlimited gourmet food and the best

entertainment I’ve ever had, yes all included. And the destinations are all over the world.

I had always passed on Travel home businesses, because up

until now they offered only a fake discount booking – kind of like furniture stores who want you to believe they offer 50% discount year round.

We approach the savings on Travel differently, and it works like nothing I’ve ever seen. Every month a person SAVES $100 in our Vacation Membership Club, and it’s THEIR money for THEIR vacations – every penny of it. It never expires as long as they are active with us.

But it gets much better. Every month you save $100 in our Vacation Membership Club, we match it 100%. Yes, we pay you $100 into your

Vacation Membership Club, so your account grows by $200 every month. No where else on earth will you get that kind of increase. Only with us.

As a business partner in our company once you refer a small handful of people, our company pays your monthly membership fee for you, so you have ZERO monthly expense and 100% of your commissions are profit for you. Pretty Amazing Right? I was membership free my first day, and I’ve helped so many people become membership free in their first month also! So cool.

So, you can see why in our first 5 years we have over 200,000 members and over 100,000 business partners. These numbers far exceed Ameriplan in all their years of business.

Legal Shield is 49 years old with an annual revenue of $400 million. We are 5 years old with an annual revenue of $300 million. Which by

comparison our numbers are much more impressive.

Ameriplan is USA only, and in only 44 states. Legal Shield is primarily USA but some parts of Canada. That’s all. Our company is doing

business already in 178 Countries. WoW.

Do people look forward to seeing a Dentist? No.

Do people look forward to seeing a Lawyer? No.

Do people look forward to seeing a Vacation? Absolutely YES!

Even though last year 2020 was a horrible year for business. Over 100,000 companies in America went out of business, never to return again, and millions have lost their jobs – not our company.

We had a 20% increase in 2020. Our company increased the health insurance of all our company employees. We did not lose 1 employee,

instead we had to hire new employees.

PLUS (and this is huge), in 2020 our company INSURES all our membership fees with Barclay’s Bank, so in the unlikely event our company went out of business, all our members get 100% of their membership fees refunded to them. We do not charge our members for this insurance, our company pays it for us.

Let’s talk INCOME. In my first month I earned over $5,000.

Our bonuses are not a one-time bonus, like most NWM companies. Our bonuses range from $300 per month up to $55,000 per month – and you read correctly, those are every month.

We have 240 people already earning over $100,000 per year residually, and 12 people already earning over $1 million per year. Most of these people never had a profitable home business before joining our company. One of our millionaires was a lady singing at weddings to pay her bills before joining us. Another was a chicken farmer before joining us. These are your average people, but not with above average incomes.

I met with the Founder and CEO of the company before joining. I had a private face to face breakfast with him in a nice restaurant. After joining, I had a 3-1/2 hour dinner with him and his fiancé. I also met

him once more several months after that. I can tell you he is the most honest, transparent, caring and smart CEO that I’ve ever met. He is loved all over the world, like I’ve never seen before. It’s a joy to work with him.

Look over my site: www.rejoicing247.com – the form info goes ONLY to me. Then you’ll see all the details. I provide more free tools and resources for my business partners than I’ve ever seen anyone else provide. I do this Full-Time, and I’m happy to coach you personally.

I know what I’m doing, and this can be a huge help for you. Then let’s talk on the phone, and I’ll get you honest answers to any questions

you have. Then you can make an informed decision if this is for you or not. I’ll respect any decision you make. Sound fair?


Michael Lancto

Cell: 904-233-9285