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Hello There!

My name is Michael Lancto. First, I want to thank you for checking out My Story. I like to think of myself as an open-book.

I hope you will read it in its entirety, AND that you will reply with Your Story also.

I have truly met some amazing people online all over the world, and I my hope is that you and I can be friends whether we do business together or not. Sound good?


I am a husband, father and grandfather. I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ since 1978.


I started working when I was 12 years old shoveling snow for my neighbors in Michigan.

Shoveling snow was very seasonal, so picked up a morning paper route and delivered the morning newspaper at 4am in my community.

At age 16, I landed my first W-2 job as a dishwasher at Ponderosa Steak House, and quickly moved up to working the grill flipping steaks.

At age 17, I was hired as a janitor at a private school. I worked alone & the pay was better than the restaurant.

At age 18, I joined the U.S. Air Force. Math had been my best subject in High School and I earned an A in Calculus in my first semester and University of Michigan, so I chose ‘Disbursement Accounting and Finance’ as my career in the military.

After serving 6 years in the U.S. Air Force, I took an Honorable Discharge to go into the ministry full-time.

I finished my education for the ministry 1 year early and top of my class. I graduated debt-free with no student loans thanks to my GI Bill and working a full-time too.

At age 27, I entered the ministry as a missionary the US Military in Kaiserslautern Ramstein Air Base community. I had to first raise my financial support by visiting churches all over the USA.

At age 29, I started the Rheinland Servicemen’s Center in Landstuhl, Germany just outside of Ramstein Germany. This ministry is still active today over 30 years later.

At age 33, I accepted the call to be the Pastor of a church in Northern Michigan. We grew the congregation, the missionary outreach expanded greatly, and we upgraded the property and facilities while there. After 4 years it was time to move on.

At age 37, I accepted the call to be the Senior Pastor of a larger church in Central Alabama. We had 3 assistant pastors on staff and a large Christian School. We doubled the membership in our first year and a half.

But the stress of the ministry on my family became too much for them, so I then chose to be a Bible Teacher at a school in Florida for a year while deciding which career path I would then take.

I then worked for a Computer Consulting Company for two years. First as a computer programmer, and then as a ‘head hunter’ (recruiter of programmers for job sites). Although the pay was good, I did not enjoy this line of work.

On Feb 2, 1999 I resigned my Computer Consulting job, which was my last job and went full-time working my home-based business – almost 100% over the internet and phone.


My home-business history began in 1983 as a way to supplement my income as a minister. I do not believe it's wise to use one's congregation for prospecting, so the internet became my resource for business.

I have marketed weight loss, vitamins, juice, protein shakes, cleanse, discount dental, Gold, music, websites, online tools, candy, skin care, training, digital products and lots of various products and services.

I believe I may have found every way to make a mistake working from home. There are too many mistakes for me to list here. I will say that I earned very little income working from home from 1983 til 1999 (16 struggling years).

But in the late 1990s, I met a man who became a very good friend and a mentor to me. He was the most introverted man I had ever met, but he was earning $5,000 per month residually with his home business. His name was Brian and he lived in SC.

Brian shared with me the things I was doing wrong and the things that were missing in my quest for success in a home business. I wouldn’t say I was the fastest learner, I was a bit stubborn. After all, I thought with my background in finance and ministry, working a home business should be easy – but it wasn’t easy to find success working a home-based business.

As I applied with Brian taught me, in 1999 I earned my first fulltime income of about $40,000 that year. That grew the next year to $100,000 per year residually and eventually multiple 6-figures per year residually.

Since 1999, I’ve earned multiple 7-figures in personal income by teaching and mentoring others the very things Brian taught me. Enough to be debt-free, live the lifestyle most people only dream of having and control of my time, income and location for life.

Several years ago, I had soared to the highest level of the company for a marketer. I was the #3 lifetime earner in the company and a convention speaker twice each year. However, the owners arrogantly would not take advice from anyone, and they made a series of decisions that caused thousands of people to leave the company and customers to cancel. Incomes fell like a lead balloon. I ended up leaving the company and most of the other top leaders left the company also – some willingly and some un-willingly.


In 2019, I was invited to have a phone call with the Founder and CEO of an interesting and fun home business. On that 30-minute call we discovered we lived in the same city, so he invited me to a private one-on-one breakfast.

He is the most transparent, interesting, personable and likeable CEO I’ve ever met.

I joined and in my first month I placed #1 in the world for the most new business & received a very nice bonus.

In my 2nd month, I was the only person in North America to be in the top 25 for new business. I am “All In” with this business, and love it.

What do we market that is so different, fun, exciting and so profitable? Answer: We’re the only Membership Club of our kind in the world. We have 200,000+ members, and we have 115,000+ Partners in 178 Countries.

After just 5 weeks I booked an amazing international vacation for two with all our gourmet food and Vegas-type entertainment included! Thanks to this business it did not cost me 1 cent out of my pocket.

In my first year with our company I have earned FOUR international vacations with all our gourmet food included. Also, included was some of the best Vegas-type entertainment.

These are vacations of a lifetime for our us. We love them immensely. I cannot imagine marketing anything that would be more exciting or more appealing.

This is the best company, easiest to market of anything I have ever done. Fun, exciting and 98% of folks want it.

By comparison, as I have marketed many products, and I ask people if they are interested in "Krill, CBD, Blue-Lina, Amygdalin, Maitake, Jiaogulan, Chlorela, Black Seed Extract, Hemp, B-17, Collodial, Goji, Noni, Acai, and a variety of digital and AI products, etc."

Their reply over 90% of the time is always something like, “What’s THAT??”

When I ask them to buy from that network company, they reply, “Who are THEY???”

But when I ask folk "Have you ever been on a vacation?" NO ONE replies "What's that??"

Most network companies market overpriced products, so they can pay commissions. We are the opposite, you will not find a lower price for our vacations anywhere, and by helping a small handful of people – your vacations are 100% free, even tax-free too!

We pay our members $100 per month even if they do not signup anyone. We have an increasing balance every month, increasing by $200 per month. This is one reason we have the highest retention in the industry!! Amazing!!

After signing up just 5 people, our monthly cost is ZERO, and no one cancels something that costs them ZERO each month and 100% of what they earn is profit. Another reason we have the highest retention.

By the way I was membership free on my first day! Ever since, 100% of what I am paid is PROFT! Oh yeah!

All Vacation Dollars can be willed to your next of kin also. And once you promote to our first position (I did this in just one week) you can will your business when you pass.

Our home business company has a 4 years old proven history, bringing in over $300 million a year revenue!!

Compare the following with any other home business:

In less than 4 years we have …

• 240 people earning $100,000+ per year residually

• 90 people earning $200,000+ per year residually

• 27 people earning $500,000+ per year residually

• 12 people earning $1 MILLION+ per year residually

• 2 people earning $2 MILLION+ per year residually

I've never seen ANY other home business create so many high income earners in such a short period of time.

Here is 1 of my marketing websites: www.VIPclub411.com

The info from the form on the websites above goes ONLY to me. I will never share it or sell it.

Once you fill it in, you will immediately see ALL the details on our company, how our membership works and how we’re paid. If you don’t want to fill it in, just tell me.

I am ALL IN with my company and have no interest in starting any new business.


• I hired a software company to create a replicated website with 7 lead capture pages, a landing page, autoresponder, and contact manager. This alone saves our members hundreds of dollars every year.

• I have a print company I found that prints our ‘Drop Cards’ for us for Free. Better than business cards.

• I have a clothing company I found, that makes our Polo Shirts with Embroidered logo in the left chest pocket area for only $17 (they also make other shirts and hats)

• I wrote simple scripts that take 20 seconds to 2 minutes

• We have a 2-question post to post on social media sites that has created hundreds of vacation specific leads in our niche within one week and it costs NOTHING.

• We have many more marketing techniques that are either very low cost or no cost at all.

• We get paid a minimum of $100 every month we are active – even if we do NOT sign anyone up! WoW!!

• Who do you know that would love to take a vacation with unlimited gourmet food included, entertainment like you’d see in Vegas or Branson, MO included and see exciting countries around the world – all for FREE?!?

• I hope you’ll allow me to answer your questions, so you can make an informed decision if this is for you or not. I never pressure anyone. I’m debt-free & financially secure. I only work with folks who want to work with me


Some have wondered how our company has faired during this Pandemic.

I have some good news for you.

• Our company has increased every month through this Pandemic by an average of 20%

• Our Company has not lost 1 employee in this Pandemic

• Our Company has HIRED new employees in this Pandemic

• Our Company has INCREASED the health insurance for all employees

• Our Company banking and credit card processing relationships have strengthened

• Our Company added INSURANCE on all membership fees with 100% guarantee refund if Our Company goes out of business (only company to do this)

• I have personally signed up new people every month

• I am not a travel agent (Travel Agents are paid only on bookings)

• We get paid on membership fees (we have a 91% retention)

• Our members balance increases $200 every month

• I vacation 2 to 4 times per year at no cost to me.

• After referring 5, Our Company pays your Membership for you every month, so 100% of your commissions are Profit

• Our Company is by far the best business I've ever worked.

In my first month I earned more than I had earned in any month on any job in my life. I love what I do, and I have a passion to help others.

I cannot promise you this level of income, but I will promise that I work full-time to help everyone on my team and especially the people I personally signup.

I leave you with 2 questions:

.......a) What would YOU like to achieve?

.......b) What is most important to you?

I hope you will reply to either question or both of them.


I would like to have a phone conversation with you to answer any question you might have about this business. I promise I never pressure anyone to do anything, and I only work with people who WANT to work with me. I think that's good business. In return you will receive (at no cost):

• GIFT #1

A copy of Eric Worre's book "Go Pro" - 7 Skills You Need to Succeed in any home business (online and offline)

• GIFT #2

A copy of Sandy Botkins' book "7 Simple Steps to Legally Avoid Taxes" - the less taxes you have to pay, the more spendable income you have.

• GIFT #3

A copy of our CEO's book "How to Thrive in Turbulent Times" - A short excellent book with simple to follow advice by a true leader.

• GIFT #4

A copy of John Maxwell's book "Failing Forward" - Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones of Success. Maybe you've tried a home business before (or you know someone who did) and it did not work out so well. Learn how to turn that experience into your Greatest Success.


A Free 7 Day Trial of our All-in-One Marketing System. No Credit Card is needed for this trial, so you know you'll never be charged unless you manually chose to pay for it. Includes the easiest (yet flexible and full featured) webpage builder, a truly unlimited autoresponder with unlimited contacts, URL shortner, tracking, easily duplicates for associates, etc. Plus if you subscribe you get 50% residual commission on all your referrals. I have used this for 4-1/2 years and have helped over 130 people so far.


Unlimited Leads for Life! You will receive a batch of 100 leads of people who have Home Business experience. You receive their name, email and phone number. Once you contact them, you can request 100 more, and do this over and over. Use these leads to build any home business. Excellent training and scripts included. This does cost $15 one-time and you receive 100% commission on every referral. There is an optional plan where you get paid $100 per person also. I have used this for 5-1/2 years and have helped over 50 people so far.

The 4 books are valued well over $80.

The value of the Marketing System can only be measured by your success.

The value of the leads is totally up to you and how well you work them.

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