Please do this today. Our NEW website for our team is ready – click here to see MINE. There are numerous upgrades to this site AND our own back office too.

NOTE: All of the webpages on system will be deleted in the next 2-3 weeks. So please create your new site and system today! Then update your domain name redirect to your new site!

IF you do not wish to subscribe at this time to support TheWinnersTeam it is OK, just email me and email me and say “please set up my new site for me” and I will do so manually for you at NO COST TO YOU .. yes for FREE because you are either on my Level 1 or 2.

BUT if you wish to both subscribe at $6 per month AND create your own new site, please follow instructions below.

IF I (Michael Lancto) did not sponsor you, your sponsor should have given you their link for you to create YOUR new website. But if not, just use my link and then email me your sponsor’s name and username, so I can reparent you under them on our system.

My link to create a new website is:

and scroll down to click the button for the 1 page signup.


To see and hear where we came from and why we have this new site, please watch this very helpful video AND please read this page:


Affiliates on my Level 3 or below pay only $6/month for the new website, blog site, training site, webinars, emails and everything else in

If you have ANY questions about this, please contact me.


Michael Lancto

Cell: 904-233-9285