This is a Formula (a Plan or a Strategy) that IF you will follow it, you WILL end up with an income that is HIGHER than your best job income ever. For many that means over $10,000 per month.

They say "A Secret is when you tell only one person at a time." You may have heard that before. Unfortunately, that's how many people view "a secret." But what I mean by "The Secret Formula" is that it seems like successful networkers have this secret they are not sharing with others. So, let's expose it and examine what the formula is.

First, WHO is this "formula" for?

This is for the person who says "I DON'T HAVE THE TIME FOR A BUSINESS. I'M TOO BUSY." Have you had anyone tell you that? If you have spoken to 10 people, you're heard that at least once.

Second, this "formula" is NOT for people who want a full-time income QUICKLY or even within their first 9 months. This formula is a FOUR YEAR career plan and changer! Mathematically it works IF you work this "formula".

NOTE: We do have an InCruises' partner in Japan that had never worked a home business before in his life. He came from the mobile phone industry. Yet working our accelerated plan he went from zero to $20,000 per month in his first 4 months in 2019. If you want success fast and IF you are very serious, contact the person who directed you to this page.

So let's break down the "formula" in the picture above.


Yes ONE. Can you do ONE? Your task is to INVITE ONE person per day 7 days per week. Allow me to put my spin on this and see if you like it. God made all things in 6 days and rested on the 7th. So if you wish to do the same, then invite ONE person a day 5 days a week and TWO on Saturday. You will still have 7 INVITES in a week.

What is an INVITE?

An invite consists of a short intro "Hello. How are you? {Small chit chat} and then just four words "JUST TAKE A LOOK." That's it. Not hard right? No pressure right? This is CRITICAL to this formula and if you will not ask these 4 words, this formula is guaranteed not to work for you.

Example 1:

Wanna hear something amazing? ___ I joined a Vacation Membership Club. Everyone loves a vacation, and part-time folks are matching or exceeding their job incomes with this -- isn't that AMAZING? ___ You may not have any interest at all, either way it's 100% fine, and if you think I'm crazy that's cool too. But can I count on you to JUST TAKE A LOOK?

If they say "no" - "Thanks anyway. Can I tell you in a few months how it's going for me?" ___

If they say "yes" - "Great, How about I get your best email address and I'll email it to you?" _____ Any feedback is greatly appreciated, ok? How about I get your phone number and I'll answer any question? _________ (Then write their first & last name OR ask them if you don't know it.)

NOTE 1: When you send them your website - I recommend one of our lead capture pages or use an email tracker. ALSO, save the picture below about how InCruises has so many 6 and 7 figure earners "" and include that with your link.

NOTE 2: Immediately after emailing them, send them a TEXT MSG letting them know you emailed it to them and what the subject line is.

NOTE 3: IF your prospect does not open or reply within 24 hours, call them back and let them know your email system notified you that they did NOT open it yet. Ask them if they can find it in either their INBOX or SPAM folder.

NOTE 4: IF they still cannot find your email, connect as 'Facebook Friends' and send it to them via Facebook Messenger (chat).


Two presentations per week. Your goal is to give 2 presentations per week. Reality - in your first month or 2 months you may not reach your target of 2 presentations per week, but if you are consistently doing your INVITES by your 3rd or 4th month you should.

What is a Presentation?

For us, a presentation is when someone goes to your VIPcruisingClub website and watches 3 or more videos and hopefully gives you some type of feedback - good, bad or otherwise.

What is a Presentation PLUS?

A Presentation PLUS is when you're able to do a 3way call with you, your prospect and your sponsor (or upline). A Presentation Plus can count double (as 2 Presentations that week) because a 3way call is that powerful.


Three is how many Partner/Members you will be signing up as a minimum every month by your 3rd or 4th month with this formula.

Remember, this is a FOUR year plan, so be patient and be consistent. We're taking advantage of the little time you're willing to give to this business. There is no LEGAL get rich quick scheme here.


Two Years - of Inviting 1 per day 7 days per week (or the equivalent), then...

Two Years - of Leadership working hard and closely with your best workers


IF you do follow the above formula consistently, not hit, miss, hit, miss, but consistently then over 90% will have a $10,000 per month residual income after 48 months for the rest of their lives. Is that worth it to you? Are you 100% committed to this formula for 48 months?

2,000,000 (2 million)

Although interest rates are currently very low, the more money a person has the higher the interest they can get on their money. If you find a good financial advisor you should be able to get 6% on $2 million.

So what is 6% annually on $2 million? Answer: $120,000 per year, or $10,000 per month.

Since MOST people are not going to save $2 million, the above formula is how to get the SAME RESULT with a formula that takes less than 1 hour per day. BUT you MUST be consistent.


If you are inviting one person per day for one year, that is 365 invites your first year. Then another 365 invites your 2nd year. That is a total of 730 invites.

Now, if we started off by saying "Go invite 730 people to look at your business." We all know that the vast majority of people will not even start. They will think that is way too many people. That is why the following quote is so powerful to remember:


Let's look at that 730 invite number. That includes every day of the year. However, let's be a bit more realistic. Most people want to take off at least one holiday (say Easter) and 2 weeks around Christmas PER YEAR.

This formula requires 2 years (not 1 year) of consistently inviting 1 new person per day

So let's subtract 30 days off of the 730 and work with 700 invites.

So, $2,000,000 (2 million dollars) divided by 700 invites means that each invite is WORTH on average, an Amazing $2,857.14 for EACH of your 700 invites!!!

Isn't this a doable formula?

Even if you have little time!

4 Years will Pass Real Fast!

IF For Any Reason You

Get Off Track. Just


A Quote from Byrd Bagget:

"Don't Quit Before The Blessing!"

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