(1) A JOB

I've had many jobs in my life. They buy you wholesale, and sell you retail. They pay you just enough so you don't quit, and if you want more income you basically need to beg for it.

A job will control (a) Your Time, (b) Your Income, (c) Your Location.

Most jobs cost nothing to start, but really end up costing you everything for 40+ years.


I tried this before also. Two friends of mine and myself started a consulting business with $20,000.

You're the first to show up and the last to leave. You risk employees, contractors or customers stealing from you.

You risk employees or contractors not showing up and you're on the hook to cover for them.

You have to pay E&O Insurance (Error and Omission) as well as other insurances.

Like 90% of business owners, we went out of business before we could earn a Profit.


YOU are in control of (a) Your Time, (b) Your Income, (c) Your Location.

YOU have no employees, no risk and no liabilities.

NOW the sky is the limit. This is the choice for me and those I help.



I've marketed many products, including but not limited to: Gold, Shakes, Vitamins, Jewelry, Skin Care, Oatmeal, Energy Drinks, Weight Loss, Rx Jerky, Dental Discounts, Phone Services, Coffee, Shampoo & many more.

People just don't use the same products every month for years & years. So you have the highest rate of attrition (cancelations & stop ordering). So this resulted in less than a full-time income for my partners and me.

Besides there are 1,000s of Product companies to compete with, each claiming to be the best. And the prices are too high in order to have a margin to pay commissions. You can buy these products, or similar products, online for much less money - just check Amazon and Ebay.


In the 1990's I started marketing a service of Discount Dental plans. The timing was right back then, bec there was NO competition at that time, except expensive insurance with many limitations. I earned multiple millions of dollars in personal income. Sadly due to many competitors with the same or better discounts at a much lower price - cancelations were out of control and 90% of us top earners left the company.

In spite of marketing something everyone hates (the dentist), I now market something everyone LOVES = All-Inclusive Vacations.

A vacation where you can take your family or loved ones with you. Enjoy unlimited gourmet food and first class entertainment while visiting exotic and exciting destinations with NO Black Out dates.

Your monthly membership fee remains YOUR money as long as your active with us, for your vacations. Plus we DOUBLE your membership fee every month also - even if you do not signup anyone.

It gets better, after you refer a handful of people who also join our membership, our company pays your monthly membership for you AND doubles that also.

This is why we have the HIGHEST retention, repeat revenue and incomes in the industry. Besides, it's super affordable to get started too.

In our first 4 years we've seen 240 people earn $100,000+ per year in residual income and 12 people reach the $1 million per year residual level breaking the world's record. We are now a 5 year old proven business model.


I have some Gifts / Bonuses for you just for having 1 phone conversation with me. Here are some of them:

• Book: "Go Pro - 7 Skills to Succeed in Business" by Eric Worre

• Book: "7 Ways to Legally Lower Your Taxes" by Sandy Botkin

• Book: "Failing Forward" by Best Selling Author John Maxwell

• Book: "How to Thrive in Turbulent Times" by our Founder/CEO

The Value of these 4 books is over $80 if you bought them. There is no catch except just have one no-obligation, no-pressure conversation with me. They are yours even if you decide not to work with me. (smile)

Happy to Get You Honest Answers