If you're on The Winners Team of Tapestri and you have already paid your $9.95 to be an Affiliate .. then Welcome to Tapestri.

This page, is how you can create a Video Marketing Website on our team, with your name, your phone and the Join button is linked to your Tapestri Join Page!

You have 2 options to create your Video Marketing Website:

(1) You can follow the instructions below, it's about 10-12 steps but if you carefully follow the instructions, you can do this on your own at no cost to you. However, if you wish to show appreciation and help us with upgrades and maintenance then you can click here to be a Supporter.

Go to: https://thewinnersteam.org/setup

a. You will get the password from your sponsor or upline

b. Watch the 4 minute intro video before beginning

c. Watch the video on the 2nd page for a step by step guide

d. Review ALL the screen shots all before starting

e. When finished go to your new webpage

….. Confirm that your name and phone is correct

….. On your computer (not phone) Confirm that your join

….. button goes to YOUR Join Page on Tapestri.

NOTE: If you create your own and it does not work properly, you can also go through step 2 for a one-time $7 and my guy will fix it for you. Just complete steps a,b,c in (2) below.

(2) Or you can hire my guy for a one-time $7 who will set it up for you.

a. Start at https://savemoney911.com/helpme

b. After payment click "return to merchant" on 2nd page

c. Fill in all fields on the 3rd and final page

Wishing you all the best,