How Does Trust My Travel Protect Your Money?

When Michael Hutchison and Frank Codina founded inCruises, they committed that our Members and Partners would always come first. We believe in that principle so much so that we cemented it as our first core value. Another core value that drives what we do is that our company’s DNA will be good, honest people who attract other good honest people with similar authenticity and transparency values. Living out those core values means more than offering a promise or asking you to take me at my word. It means investing in a tangible way in infrastructure that will protect your money in these turbulent times. In that light, I am proud and honored to share with you information about our partnership with Trust My Travel. With your permission, I’d like to take a few minutes to show you how we put our money where our mouth is to make your money safe. Here are a classic 5 W breakdown and 5 reasons why your money is in good hands.

Who is Trust My Travel?

Trust My Travel (aka: TMT) was founded seven years ago by Barclay’s Bank as an organization dedicated to protecting consumer confidence in the travel industry. Currently, they process over 1.2 Billion dollars worth of travel payments online in over 120 countries worldwide with localized payment methods in over 80 countries. They are just a few years older than inCruises itself, but together, we can offer unprecedented accountability and transparency regarding member funds.

What Does Trust My Travel Do?

Your Member payments that are processed through Trust My Travel (you will receive an email immediately after completing the transaction to advise you that your payment was processed by Trust My Travel) are fully covered at face value in the unlikely event that inCruises goes out of business. Keep in mind, this is the face value of the currency you paid and not the matching Cruise Dollars. So that’s real money back to you, and not Cruise Dollars. This means your accumulated monthly membership payments are safe.

Now, I would be remiss if I was not fully transparent and clear here. Trust My Travel does not cover your funds if you voluntarily cancel your trip. If you make the voluntary decision not to travel, cancelation fees still apply. This coverage is about protecting you in the event of a worst-case scenario involving the cruise line you book with or with inCruises, and as such, it provides you the protection that few other travel companies offer.

We are incredibly confident in our global model, and we are not in the business of failing. However, we understand that the current global pandemic has given some pause. As such, true to our values, we have partnered with Trust My Travel because it puts Member and Partner needs first in the event of a worst-case scenario. We are a family here at inCruises, and we don’t let our family down.

What Does Trust My Travel Cost?

InCruises pays for your Trust My Travel protection. There is zero added cost (it is FREE) to our Members for your Trust My Travel protection with InCruises.

When Do I Interact with Trust My Travel?

You will interact with Trust My Travel at potentially different points. The first is when you make your membership payment. You’ll know if it was Trust My Travel that processed your payment because you will receive an email each time a payment is made through them. Please note that Trust My Travel does not cover payments processed through your inCruises wallet. When in doubt, double-check and look for the Trust My Travel information before making a payment.

So that’s it. If all goes according to plan, that’s the sum of your relationship with Trust My Travel. You have peace of mind to travel the world in luxury and without worry. Should the unthinkable occur and inCruises falters as a business for any reason, you simply file a claim with Trust My Travel. Keep in mind; InCruises Founder and CEO says “I will do everything in my power with every part of my soul to ensure that you never have to file that claim.”

Additionally, when payments are made via the Trust My Travel credit card processing, in the case that you booked a cruise and because you did not have enough available Cruise Dollars for the entire cost of your cruise, you paid for the remainder of your cruise cost with your credit card. Then in the unlikely event that the Cruise Line you’ve booked with goes out of business prior to your cruise, not only will InCruises refund your Cruise Dollars back to your InCruises account, but Trust My Travel will refund you the amount you paid with your credit card.

Where is Trust My Travel Available?

Trust My Travel operate in every country where inCruises has a presence. Any Member can now enroll in recurring billing and be protected by Trust My Travel at no additional cost to you as an InCruises Member. You will see the Trust My Travel logo icon in your back office to confirm your payments are being processed through Trust My Travel. If you have any concerns that your payments are protected by Trust My Travel either contact your sponsor or InCruises Support.

How would I get my money back if INCRUISES closes? What happens to my reservation if INCRUISES goes out of business before my departure? Will the money go back to the card used, or another way, e.g. a check in the mail?

In this unlikely event, you would simply file a claim with Trust My Travel as explained in this PDF:

Are all of my payments insured? Are Partner activation or renewal fees covered by Trust My Travel?

Only the Membership payments processed by Trust My Travel are covered. Partner fees are not covered.

You will know if TMT processed your payment because once each payment is made, you will receive an email from TMT stating that payment is protected by TMT. In some cases, when paying manually for an invoice, for example, you will also know you are making a payment via TMT because the payment window says TMT.

How Can Trust My Travel Protect My Money?

Trust My Travel instantly insures all transactions with leading insurance companies. Trust My Travel doesn’t pick losers very often. If Trust My Travel or their insurers had any concern about inCruises’ viability, they’d never give us the time of day. As it stands, they manage an extensive portfolio of over 400 million dollars and mitigate risk for travelers worldwide. They are good at what they do and my friends, so are we. Together we can offer this unprecedented accountability, transparency, and protection. Your money is safe because inCruises is not going anywhere.

We will remain on the global scene and continue to disrupt the international cruising industry one cruise at a time. If, for some reason, whether it be an alien invasion or the rise of the sunken city of Atlantis itself that we cannot continue to operate, then we go right back to value number one. Your needs come first, and with Trust My Travel, your money will be protected. So now that we can set our worries aside, who’s ready to book another cruise?


If you have additional questions about the Trust My Travel protection provided at not cost to you and paid for by InCruises on your behalf, please contact the “Documents” section in the “Resources” section of your InCruises back office.