Ringless Voicemail Drop Marketing

Setup your Ringless Voicemail Drop account for FREE. There are NO monthly fees.

To start you get 100 successful Voicemail Drops for FREE also. After your initial free trial your cost is only 5 cents per successful Voicemail Drop. Very affordable.

So, if you have your own leads already, 1,000 successful voicemail drops will cost $50. IF you get only a 2% call back ratio, that means 20 prospects calling you for information. IF you sign up 1 out 10 of them, you have 2 new prospects and your income from InCruises is double what you spent on the Voicemail drops.

If you do not have your own leads, first contact your sponsor for suggestions on lead sources they have used with success. The lowest cost leads we have found is with SelfServeLeads.net – They have 1 cent, 3 cent and 5 cent leads. At 5 cents per lead that is only $50 per 1,000 leads. If you signup 2 partner-members out of 1,000 leads you will earn $50 + $60 = $110. Here is the link for SelfServeLeads.net if you want it. NOTE: I have never bought or used SelfServeLeads, I post this here because so many ask for ‘affordable’ leads.

Here is the script that I wrote. You want it to be no longer than 1 minute and if you can get it under 45 seconds that’s the best. Mine is 47 seconds:

Hey .. sorry I missed you. If you’re still looking to increase or match your current income, I have great news. In our FIRST month, my partner and I earned over 5000 dollars with our vacation membership club. If you’ve ever wanted to have a business on the internet where you can start part-time, work from home or anywhere, set your own hours and who already has hundreds of average people now earning their highest incomes ever – then this is it. 81% of the people who follow our free training succeed. Just call me back at this same number for more information. I will not be asking for any money or your credit card on your call back. This call is just so you can get the information and see if you think this is a good fit for you. I look forward to your call. Thanks and may God bless you.

If you want to use MY MP3 Audio (I don’t mention my name or contact info) click here and request I email it to you. Or request to hear Dennis’ MP3 audio as a sample. Just email and ask. Although, it will be best if you use your own voice. The more your audio sounds like an average person and not a paid voiceover person – the better. Click here for the Android cell app I use to record my audio in MP3 format.

Click Here – for a lady I found on Fiverr who does voice-overs at a low cost, and in my opinion she sounds more like the lady next door than a professional spokeswoman. NOTE: I have never hired her before, but using Fiverr, she only gets paid if she delivers and you approve her work.

If you’re a man, and you wish to hire a man on Fiverr.com – there are many to select from.

We all hate “Robo Calls” and Ringless Voicemail is not a “Robo Call”.

A “Robo Call” is when your phone RINGS and you pick up the phone and you hear a recording. A Ringless Voicemail is different, because the person’s phone does NOT ring. They just get a voicemail that they can delete if they are not interested. So there is no way that person can tell that you automated your voicemail to them. They will think that they simply MISSED your call or they did not HEAR their phone ring.

It’s also important that you consider your “call to action” at the end of your recording. If you’re unsure how to end your voicemail, email Jeff Giles, the owner of Drop.co or call him: jg@drop.co or phone: 312-339-1914

If you setup a FREE account with my link above, please email me and let me know.

BIG SUGGESTION: I highly recommend you use either the National Do Not Call (DNC) option or the State DNC option. It is very inexpensive, as it is only 1 cent for every 10 phone numbers. You will see this option in your Drop back office:

Send me your feedback and results ok?