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InCruises' Partnership FAQs

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1. What is the difference between an InCruises Membership and an InCruises Partnership?

An inCruises' Member is someone who purchases a membership to save money on booking cruises and travel the world in comfort and style. Partners join our Independent Partner Program (IBP) to promote and earn commissions, bonuses and other incentives by referring others who purchase memberships. We call Partners who are also Members 'Partner Members'. So each time we mention Members, know that also includes 'Partner Members'.

2. What is the minimum age to join as an InCruises' Partner?

18 years of age.

3. Does an InCruises Member have to join as a Partner to signup other Members and have InCruises pay their Monthly Membership Fee for them?

Although many of our Partners are also Members, it is not mandatory. It is possible to be a Partner, a Member, or both, what we call a “Partner Member.” Experiencing the value and personal use of our membership product helps you promote our genuine service to others.

We make a clear separation of the two roles. You cannot earn commissions or incentives for referring others unless you are a Partner. For example, in order to get your own Membership waived, a Member must be a Partner and refer 5 active paying Members or Partner/Members to have their own Membership fees waived.

4. Does your own membership count as 1 of your 5 memberships to earn a free membership

No. Your membership counts as a Membership for your sponsor. As an InCruises' Partner or Partner/Member, you need 5 members or partner/members in addition to your own membership for you to have a free membership each month.

5. How much does it cost to have my own InCruises' Business with all the tools necessary to do business?

Only $295 one-time for everything. This is less cost than a laptop or a cell phone. The $295 breaks down as $195 USD for your business partnership plus $100 for your first month membership.

Partners gain access to online recorded training and weekly live training, a personalized corporate email account, Referral Links, InCruises replicated webpages, a personalized Interactive Presentation with autoresponder, marketing materials and tools, marketing videos, Android and iPhone apps, and downloadable business cards. We estimate the value of our training program to be more than $100.00 USD per month.

6. Can I earn back my full startup costs in the same month that I start as a Partner/Member with InCruises?

We believe you can, because many on our team (VIP Cruising Club) have already done this. More than 1 person on our team has become Membership Free on their first day, using our team strategies contacting the people they know in an appropriate manner that we teach.

By launching your business and successfully referring and enrolling family and friends, your initial activation fee can be recovered – plus some additional earnings as well all within the same month you start. There are no guarantees of this and that's entirely up to your efforts and ability to enroll others. But we are here to assist you and guide you.

7. Are InCruises' Partners Travel Agents?

No. Their responsibility is to promote the membership program and the business opportunity that inCruises provides. Partners do not book travel nor assist members with cruise purchases, using their Cruise Dollars, or anything related to the travel experience. inCruises has a dedicated staff to help members with their cruise purchases. Partners are also forbidden from marketing specific cruises and enrolling Members for the purpose of going on a specific cruise by paying for a specific period of time. Partners can only sell the Membership and its benefits and always explain that it is designed to be a long-term relationship where Members benefit more and can travel on great cruise vacations more often and with greater savings as they remain a long-term Member with inCruises.

8. What are the ways you can potentially earn income with Incruises?

There are many ways to earn income as a Partner with inCruises. There are Instant Pay Bonuses, Producer Bonuses, Residual Compensation, Free Memberships, and bonuses based on the income and sales volume of your entire downline organization, as well as several other incentives. Please review our Compensation Program for more details.

9. How much can I earn as a Partner with InCruises?

Your earnings match your efforts, your passion and the size of your team and their efforts. You have the opportunity to grow your earnings as you grow your number of personal and team Membership sales. Your success is truly unlimited! We already have more than a few Partners earning over $1 million per year in residual income in less than 4 years time. Most of these millionaires did not have a profitable home business before joining InCruises.

10. How can I be successful?

Building relationships is at the heart of our business. Whether it be face-to-face or online, promoting inCruises gives you the opportunity to build on the relationships you already have – and help you create new ones. Add to that a love of travel and talking to others about travel, a passion for success, and all the amazing support you receive when you become a Partner, and you're on your way to unlimited rewards and success.

inCruises is NOT an opportunity where you make thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in income overnight. It's a viable business similar to other direct selling companies. It would be irresponsible to claim that someone could be successful with inCruises simply by enrolling as a Partner. No one can make such a claim about any business opportunity, and inCruises makes no such claim.

11. Can I be successful marketing online only?

The short answer is: Yes! We have no product that requires either a sample or demonstration. Everyone knows what a Cruise Vacation is even if they have never been on a Cruise Vacation yet. Your InCruises business is integrated into Social Media and you can be connected to your business and marketing right from your cell phone or laptop. Keep in mind this is a relationship business, but you will not be by yourself. Our team is ready to help you with 3 way calls, 3 way chats, 3 way video chats, email, text message, Facebook and phone.

12. How do I receive my commissions?

InCruises pays its Partners through one of several pay processors: Payoneer®, HyperWallet®, iPayout® or PayQuicker®. Each time a commission is earned, we can transfer your earnings to your funds in your inCruises eWallet to 1 of these Payment Processors (min $50), which will then send your your funds via either:

  • Direct Deposit to the bank account of your choice, or
  • To a MasterCard debit card in your name.
13. Can I get paid into my Business Bank Account with my EIN (or equivalent business identification number outside the USA)?


14. Can a Partners' InCruises business be transferred to someone else when the Partner dies?

Please consult our Policies and Procedures Manual for complete details. It states:

a - Upon the death of a Partner that has achieved the rank of Marketing Director or higher, his or her business may be passed to his or her heirs.

b - All the processes and steps to address this are explained in our Procedures Manual found in our Resources (Documents) section of our website (your back office).

c - To avoid any confusion or misunderstanding, we highly recommend your next of kin that you wish to bequest your business be named in your will (not a Trust, not a Corporation, it must be the name of a person over the age of 18 years of age).